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Cannalope-HazeFlowering Time: 58-65 Days
Grown Indoor or Outdoor?: Indoor/Outdoor
Parents: Haze x Michoacan Sativa
Type: Mostly Sativa
Indoor Yield: 500-600g per m2
Buzz: Surprisingly intense high
Taste/Smell: Sweet aroma, melon taste

Cannalope Haze is a dream strain of every Sativa lover/gardener. DNA Genetics started off with a quality Sativa Haze for the foundation of this strain. It was then crossed with a Michoacan Sativa, and then backcrossed to make a short flowering and high yielding Sativa plant. It finishes in around 7-8 weeks and is mostly pure Sativa with a tad bit of Haze mixed in. When grown outdoors, Cannalope Haze finished towards the end of October in California. In colder climates you can expect a later finish.

The growth pattern of Cannalope Haze usually consists one main cola with a few small side branches, which is unnatural for many Sativa strains. Cannalope Haze does well in SOG for a Sativa and its average height is around 3-5 feet. DNA Genetics reccomends growing Cannalope Haze in soil for the best results. Save the hydroponics for a different strain.

You can expect around three quarters of an ounce per plant after a 2 week vegging period. Cannalope Haze forms tight and dense buds that have very thin leaves. Throughout the entire growing cycle, a healthy Cannalope Haze plant will stay light green. Expect frosty trichomes to appear early in the flowering stages, but wait until this strain reaches its full height for the best rewards and more ultra-sticky trichomes.

Cannalope Haze smells just like its name. A mixture of cantaloupe and Haze aftertaste. This Sativa is surprisingly intense with a cut-through high that will cut through a pre-existing buzz so you can feel the unique qualities of this high. Some smokers will be floored by the strength of this high so if you’re unsure this should be saved for a 4:20 afternoon or an evening with plenty of time for smoking and being high.

Cannalope-Haze-Marijuana Cannalope-Haze-Marijuana-Plant Cannalope-Haze-Strain Cannalope-Haze-Marijuana-Seedlings Cannalope-Haze-DNA-Genetics Cannalope-Haze-Marijuana-Strain Cannalope-Haze-Buds

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  1. canadian med grower am growing this right now and have grown it for last 2yrs average 5 .6 oz per plant on 5 ft plants soil grow greta medical strain did let some go to 10 weeks incredable flavor nugs really swelled

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