Jul 072013

Bong-Smoking-GirlA bong is an amazing stoner tool that every stoner should have. They can take just a little bit of weed and provide enough high for everyone in the room. They allow you to take larger and more efficient hits and are just fun to use. They’re a great tool to get absolutely blitzed for a few when you don’t have any other obligations. For newbies, though, smoking out of a bong your first time can be quite intimidating. It’s not as easy or as simple as smoking a joint or a blunt, and takes a bit of finesse and knowing what you’re doing to actually get a decent hit, not drop the bong, and not drink or spill any bong water.

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Jul 062013

Buying a bong can be a very difficult and life-altering decision. It can effect the taste, the feel, the smell and the high that you get from here on out everytime you take a massive hit from that bong. It is also usually a very costly decision and something that you need to think about thoroughly, much like buying a house or a new car, a new bong makes a statement about the kind of stoner you are. Just kidding about that last part. Buying a new bong is an exciting endeavor, but you really need to think about to make sure you are getting the best bong for your buck and if it will really be worth it in the end.

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Jul 022013

Vermont-Marijuana-DecriminalizedOn Monday, July 1, Vermont’s first step towards a rational and effective marijuana policy has taken place. They have decriminalized marijuana and those possessing less than an ounce of marijuana will not be arrested. In 2004, Vermont legalized medical marijuana for use with a prescription, but it was still illegal to possess marijuana if you were not authorized by your doctor. This is something that may have been a long time coming since Vermont was already a medical marijuana state, but now those who toke up in the state will not have to worry about having a criminal record created if they are caught for consuming a substance that is far less dangerous than alcohol.

how to grow weed marijuana growing indoors outdoors soil hydroponics
Mar 292013

Arizer-Extreme-Q-VaporizerAre you fed up with your light bulb vaporizer always burning your bud? Are you amazed at the high quality construction of the Volcano Vaporizer, but are appalled by the price? If so, then we have a great vaporizer for you! It’s called the Extreme Q and is brought you by Arizer, the same Canadian vaporizer company that has been manufacturing the Arizer Solo Vape, the best portable Vaporizer money can buy.


The Extreme Q is a tapered cyling that sits on a glowing plate. It has a digital display redout that tells you several important pieces of information like the desired temperatue, the actual temperature, whether the fan is on and timer information. It looks sort of like a futuristic lava lamp that is covered and has no lava. On top of the cylinder is where all the action happens. The marijuana, cannabis or herbal blends sit on top of the cylinder in a glass bowl and is heated by the unit.

What does it come with?

The Arizer Extreme Q is a mid-priced Vaporizer unit that comes everything you need to successfully vaporizer your cannabis. It comes with a power adaptor, glass potpurri dish, glass cyclone bowls, potpourri sample, a screen pack containing a flat and dome screen, interchangable glass whip mouth pieces, glass stirring tool, three foot whip, mini whip, two balloons and the instruction manual.
Last but not least, this vaporizer comes with an awesome remote control to control your vaporizer. The remote control allows you to set the temperature and control the fan speed. This is great for those of you with clumsy stoner hands so you don’t even have to the touch the buttons on the vaporizer to adjust the unit.

How Does The Extreme Q Vaporizer Work?

It’s pretty simple, you just add your herbs to the main bowl and place it on the heating element. Then you add your bag attachment to the bowl and attach your bag. Then you turn on the vaporizer and wait for to heat up. Once the Extreme Q reaches the desired vaporization temp turn on your fan and the bag will inflate. Once inflated you’re ready to toke. Like I said, pretty simple.
Make sure you hold your finger over the open end of the bag as it does not have a valve to keep the vape inside the bag like on the higher end Volcano models. This is something that you will get used to, and is a sacrifice you should be willing to make for the much cheaper price of the Extreme Q compared to the Volcano. It also heats up very quickly and will maintain the temperature without much fluctuation which is great for long smoke sections. This vaporizer is one of the few that has a very wide temperature range of between 122 degrees F and 500 degrees F. The stainless steel exterior also keeps cool so you don’t burn yourself either. The Extreme Q does come with the standard auto-shutoff feature so you don’t inadvertantly leave it on and burn your house down.

Is it worth it?

Absolutely, the Extreme Q has the quality and durability of the more expensive vaporizers, but at a much better price. It is pretty small and weights slightly less than a pound so you can basically take it from place to place. It even has an optional battery pack that you buy to bring it with you camping. It will provide you with hours of vaping pleasure without breaking your wallet and allowing you to spend your hard-earner money on more bud, not more vape.

how to grow weed marijuana growing indoors outdoors soil hydroponics
Feb 032013

How often have you had to quit smoking marijuana to pass a drug test? What about having to cut back on weed just so you can get your tolerance back? I know there have been many, many times where I’ve needed to cut back on smoking marijuana to pass a drug test, save some money, or just stop smoking for a little while so I can get life sorted out. If you’re a heavy smoker you know what a pain it is to stop your marijuana habits so that way you tolerance will lower enough to get back the great high of what it was like to smoke your first blunt or bowl.

how to grow weed marijuana growing indoors outdoors soil hydroponics
Jan 202013

Cannafudge-Marijuana-Fudge-CannachocolatePut on your chef’s hat! We’re going to show you how to make some Gourmet Cannachocolate or AKA Cannafudge. This will be great for throwing parties or having holiday events. Everyone loves some good fudge, just imagine how many people will love it when it gets them stoned for hours. This receipe will take some of your time for preparation as well as cooking cannafudge.

how to grow weed marijuana growing indoors outdoors soil hydroponics
Jan 052013

A grinder does exactly what the name it implies. It grinds stuff up. Our ‘stuff’ is marijuana. When new users start off smoking marijuana they very rarely have a grinder and have to resort to ripping up their buds like a mad man or using scissors and having to meticulously cut every bud into halves and then fourths and so on. This takes up a stupid amount of time that could be spent smoking or playing life-size jenga and the funny thing is, you won’t miss a grinder until A) You’ve seen it in action, or B) You had one and you lost it.

how to grow weed marijuana growing indoors outdoors soil hydroponics